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In unpredictable times, courage is the new competitive advantage

As a leader today, you have to take more risks and manage more uncertainty than ever before, e.g. dealing with complex business environments, diverse teams and re-mote work setups.  

 It is only natural that certain dilemmas and new situations can trigger both fear and anxiety when you lead. Unfortunately our brain is not well wired to deal with fear and so we tend to make things more difficult for ourselves and become unproductive when fear creeps in.

Do you recognise yourself in any of the situations below?

What might have been different if you had been able to lead with more courage? 

Courage is the capacity to act in the face of fear – to do what you know is right even when it feels uncomfortable. This talk will help you understand how fear arises, how you can bring more courage to the way you lead and why it matters for any business right now.


About the speaker

Mette is a serial entrepreneur and educator with a deep interest in how fear and beliefs limit people’s potential for learning and growth. She has designed and led leadership programmes on innovation and creativity, and been a teaching fellow and researcher at Harvard University.

Mette holds a bachelors in business and two masters, one in technology, innovation and education and one in human-centered design. She is also a certified coach working to help others overcome fear. Personally, she is currently working to boost her courage to look stupid and publish opinion pieces in the public space. 

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