Why does your team or organisation not transform?

+ introduction to The Field Leadership Course

December 15, 2021 / 17.00 - 19.00

Never have transformation been more important - so why don't we transform?

Founding partner – Jakob Møller Beck – introduces the The Field Leadership Course.

Organisational transformation has a poor track record and yet it has never been more important.

But why does up to 70% of transformational efforts fail? One of the most common mistakes is to treat organisational transformation as something that happens to the organisation. We must understand that organisations don’t really transform, but the people within them do.

In this session we look into how to make transformation holistic and sustainable, the role of personal transformation and how you can spark and speed up  transformation within your own organisation.

Founding partner – Jakob Møller Beck – introduces the The Field Leadership Course.

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Jakob has been working with business and personal transformation for over 12 years supporting leaders from both Fortune 500s, SMEs and scale-ups. His experience range from coaching to consulting on operational governance and facilitation of large scale culture transformations.

Serving clients both in the US and Europe Jakob facilitates breakthrough performance by helping each leader move through fear, foster honest conversations and build commitment, accountability and choice.

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