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“Many business leaders espouse ideals like vision, purposefulness, and growing people to grow results. If these aims are so widely shared, then why are such organisations so rare?”

William O’Brian, the CEO of Hanover Insurance Companies, answered Peter Senge on his question:

“I think it is because very few people appreciate the nature of the commitment needed to build such an enterprise.”

Serious play

The key question is how we get people to be at their best - together.

Everything we do must either support, facilitate or galvanize learning. In play we have a more natural inclination to learn.

Yet, to create a space of serious play requires the proper time, tools and guiding ideas.

It's not learned, until it's practiced

It's not learned, until it's practiced

Learning is not a one time event. We will have to make a choice, commit to practice, embody and then start over – many times.


New experiences, assessments, and inquiry allow you to discover, what you are not yet able to see, do or be.


You make a choice to act and learn.


Despite difficulty you chose to keep practicing until it becomes natural.


With new perspectives, skills and habits, you calibrate your way of leading and find a new equilibrium.

Everything starts with leadership

Only when leaders transform their mindset and behaviour, it becomes possible to transform at any other level.

That is why, we start with leaders.

We work with leaders who have commitment, even if it’s just emerging

With an honest dose of willingness, you will find good company in us

Serious play

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