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With the commitment to leave the world better than we found it - we help leaders create pioneering and human centred organisations


Meet IMPACT Extend. Over 18 months we supported the two Co-CEOs Thomas Obelitz-Rode and Torben Veje to build a highly purpose driven company.

The company now operates from a strong leadership intent, with a trusting culture capable of turning conflict into results and a clear focus on what matters most, by use of OKRs and a pioneering governance structure.

IMPACT Extend is a 1st tier digital marketing bureau with 30 employees and is growing at 35% per year. The company is also part of the larger marketing bureau IMPACT A/S with approximately 200 employees.

purpose driven

Free events


Oct 22 // hour 16 – 18.00

Leading from purpose 

How do you get started? We unfold what it means to make purpose practical and if all companies should have one.


Oct 22 // hour 16 – 18.00

Bring people along in transformation

Compliance or commitment? We unfold how you get people to join you, while avoiding that they follow you blindly.



Oct 22 // hour 16 – 18.00

Why transformation is difficult

Many leader know that 70% of transformation goes wrong. We unpack the black box to help you succeed.



A 9 months leadership programme on mastering the art and science of transformational leadership

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Meaningful Mondays

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