1. Implementing OKRs

DSB Digital Labs creates innovative digital solutions across DBS (Danish State Railways). OKRs were used to improve execution.

In an effort to improve ability to focus work and ensure results, both in the short and long term, DSB Digital Labs decided to implement OKRs (Objectives & Key Results)

We helped ensure that the use of OKRs didn’t just become a tool, but an integral part of mindset, behavior and culture and governance. The project was delivered in two phases. First, a 2 day workshop with the leadership where vision was clarified, OKR theory was introduced to help leaders be good role-models later, and finally, the first set of top-level OKRs were developed. Secondly, a week with full workshop days was used to implement OKRs, teach theory and facilitate key conversations across the full team. 



2. Getting ready to scale purpose

Over a 18 month period IMPACT Extend A/S engaged in a 360 transformation process to scale, while staying on purpose

In a process to prepare the company for robust scaling, the two Co-CEOs decided to bring more purpose into everyday business decisions, form a deeply trusting culture and enable execution via the use of OKRs and a new and progressive governance structure.

The process was designed to ensure the necessary transformation for new mindset and behaviours to be embodied by leaders and employees alike. This happened through a combination of workshops and coaching.



3. Executive coaching - from the battlefield paramedic to…

A CEO wanted to improve impact within his leadership group - we worked with embodying a new leadership style

Our client was dealing with constant firefighting in an environment characterised by lack of leadership capacity. Simultaneously, his caring and non-confrontational approach, was affecting timely action on critical and strategic business issues.

Over a period of 6 months we coached the CEO to transform his leadership style from the “caring battle field medic” to the “foreseeing captain”.

The CEO’s new way of seeing and being have helped him go from being everyone’s go-to guy to ensuring the safety of the entire business, starting the process of rebuilding the leadership team, narrowing the business scope and turning red numbers into black.



Enabling collaboration in a complex program*

A 300 people programme needed to transform collaboration and regain alignment

A cadre of workshops were developed to firstly align outlook and processes, then understand and align needs and finally to calibrate governance and resources.

The engagement was executed over 6 months and included both executive and extended leadership team, and project leaders and leaders for support functions.

The CEO for the programme stated: Until now we have never really talk together.

*Experience gained while working at Valcon. Role; project lead – incl. designing solution



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