With willingness to practice, clear boundaries, purpose and trust –
any team can become extraordinary.

What we do

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Becoming a team

Going from a group of individuals to becoming an extraordinary team is a choice. It involves discipline, autonomy, trust and clear purpose. The choice happens in part by the team leader, but equally by its members. We help set a stage, for the team to form. We facilitate focused interaction and foster a meaningful way to pursue results. We create training sessions on core skills for co-creative teams and a space for trust to grow.

Team function vs dysfunction

Teams can play out all sorts of weird patterns. Typical dysfunctions range from conflict avoidance and insufficient focus on results to a lack of trust, commitment and accountability. Basically a functional team will facilitate crucial conversations where a dysfunctional team will push them under the rug. We coach teams that operate dysfunctionally to shift their collective patterns and regain trust. Some key topics are feedback, listening, discipline, difficult conversations and conflict resolution.

Collective learning

One of the core characteristics of extraordinary teams is that they learn together. We help build a safe and meaningful space for collective learning, e.g. by training how to communicate with ownership, move from ‘me’ to ‘we’ conversations and explore differences in thinking patterns. This work will help us avoid weak ethics, allow the team to become more autonomous and eventually create extraordinary results.




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