We coach leaders to unleash innovation, performance and transformation.

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Our approach is rooted in methods and theory on cognitive behavior, systems dynamics, group processes and personality types.

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We have never seen a leader be great, without also showing a high level of self-awareness. Great leaders often have the willingness to not look good, the courage to truly listen, and the empathy to bring out needed but difficult conversations.

A key part of coaching is to increase self-awareness and broaden our range of possible responses in various situations.

Focus on results

Coaching must have outcomes. We focus on setting clear objectives to facilitate progression.

Where do you want to have more impact? In strategic discussions, with tactical implementation, inspiring and motivating your team or organisation?

We focus on the impact you want to have and design a path for you to get there.

Behaviour & wisdom

While we work cognitively to change behaviours, we find that leaders often already have a sense of what is needed. You can call it wisdom. With this in mind our coaching also aims to help leaders find the courage to act on what they might already ‘know’ to be true.

Q&A 1: Why is coaching relevant?

Results start and stop with leaders. Engaging in a coaching relationship alongside other activities can facilitate progress, during transformation or implementation. On a more personal level it can help you to overcome challenges in mindset and behaviours, that don’t serve you, and gets in the way of generating the results you want.

Q&A 2: What is coaching like?

Coaching focuses on results. It’s an immersive conversation, where we look at hidden beliefs and limiting patterns. In a coaching conversation you will be supported, cheered and encouraged, but you will also be challenged to take bold new actions, reflect on how you show up and how it affects your ability to create the results you want.

Q&A 3: How does it work?

A coaching relationship has a fixed format. Even though we might be engaged with other activities, a coaching relationship is a separate agreement between the coach and leader. During the first two sessions we agree on the ambition, format, and objectives. The course of the relationship typically lasts from between 3 – 12 months, emphasizing our focus on creating measurable results. To find out if coaching is something for you, we may start with a 1,5 hour trial session.

Q&A 4: Assessments

In some cases we do 360 degree leadership assessments, to help you get a broader understanding of how other people are experiencing your style and behaviour.

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