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'soft challenges'

A series of breakfast meet-ups for executives – from 7.20 to 9.00

"We are still underestimating the impact of 'soft challenges' on the executive agenda and the real work it requires to solve them."

‘Soft challenges’ relate to the influence of e.g. mindset, behaviour, culture, learning, and psychological safety, and the impact they play in a group of executives’ ability to lead an organisation to either fail or succeed in long run. 

It is often not lack of knowledge or expertise that gets in the way of success. Rather, it is the ‘soft challenges’ arising from human dynamics. 

Strategy and the 'soft challenges'

Meet-up 1 – October 5, 2023

Strategy researchers like Richard Rumelt, claim that less than 15% of companies lead from a real strategy. In this session we dive into ‘the soft challenges’ that get in the way of both real strategy development and execution, while providing ideas for how executives can change the game of strategy within their organisations.

Operational governance and the 'soft challenges'

Meet-up 2 – October 30, 2023

In governance ‘soft challenges’ arises e.g. in the face of how we seek to control and steer progress, how we handle transparency and how culture influences escalation, accountability and real prioritisation.  In this sessions we dive into how the senior leadership team builds good governance through consciously addressing the ‘soft challenges’. 

Leadership team and the 'soft challenges'

Meet-up 3 – November 20, 2023

The success of an organisation starts with top leadership. The quality of relationships, decisions, prioritisation, meeting-culture etc. trickles down into other parts of the organisation. In this session we dive into the practices that executives can cultivate to avoid being blind-sided by the ‘soft challenges’ of team.

About the speaker

Mette is a serial entrepreneur, educator and former consultant with Copenhagen Institute of Neurocreativity. She has designed and led leadership programmes on innovation and creativity, and been a teaching fellow and researcher at Harvard University.

Mette holds a bachelors in business and two masters in technology, innovation & education, and human-centered design. She is also a certified coach working to help others overcome fear through enhanced awareness and practice.

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