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Explore why you are in business, clarify priorities and create energy within your organization.


Bringing different worldviews together, to co-create lasting results within business relationship.


Build culture to enhance innovation and performance by transforming the way we act, talk and think.


Transform how you show up as a leader. Shift limiting mindset and behaviours.


Build mindset, norms and skills that bring out the best of what your team has to offer.
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“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change”

- Brené Brown


Get support to align on difficult topics or create high quality dialogues across the organisation.


Inspiring stories on work in the 21st century, and introduction to core ideas in our work

Initiate the conversation within your organization


The Future of Work is Human

Departing in our own experiences and the most recent research, we share our perspectives on the future of human factors in business. We reflect on trends, myths, ideas and tell stories about topics essential to leading successfully in a complex and unpredictable future.


We enable decisions on difficult topics

One Day Dialogues is a platform for productive conversations. Some times we get stuck in discussions, unable to make final decisions and progress. Especially if the topic at hand is difficult and with many stakeholders involved. We facilitate productive and real conversations to get to the core of things quickly.

High quality conversations

High quality takes preparation. It’s key to get really clear on the purpose and aspired outcomes before the discussion. Pre-interviews with all participants are often required.

How does it work?

Based on your clarification of the topic and specification of particular issues, we design an interactive process that allows for plenty of conversation, where everyone is included and off-tangent discussions are avoided.

What do you get?

We focus on creating a day of productive conversations. We will also document key points focusing on actionable decisions derived from the discussion.

When are One Day Dialogues relevant?

At any point conversations start to go in circles within your team or across the organisation. Within decision making groups certain topics are never really aligned fully, which affects the overall ability to execute.

Our work rests on a core curriculum


Practices for accessing your full potential

Personal Mastery Series teaches a practical approach for leveraging psychological mechanisms and bringing our whole selves to work.

Access subconscious forces

Understanding how the brain works can help us make smart choices, which is essential to unleash our own potential and a core skill when leading others.

Shift limiting beliefs

Hidden beliefs and mindsets are the biggest limitation to our performance. When we learn how to uncover these patterns we can create awareness and begin the process of embodying more powerful beliefs, rituals and behaviours.

Create a path for growth

Through a deeper understanding of how we learn, you will be able to define a path for growing personal mastery long after the course is ended.


  • 3 days
  • 10-25 participants
  • Content based on a combination of research from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and leadership.
  • The course is a mix of exercises, practice and theory

Module 2 - Relationship

Creating impact via relationships

Vital Dialogues Series teaches skills for productive outcomes when communication is difficult, stakes are high and we are likely to be upset.

Avoid the pitfalls

Understand how interpretations can get us into trouble and how attentive listening can ease up a difficult conversation if we shift our mindset.

Communicate with care

Conversations become difficult because we care. Accessing why we care and finding ways to communicate authentically and constructively will help us move things forward.

Create results, despite difficulty

Get tools for providing constructive feedback and learn how to be assertive, asking for what you want while helping the other feel empowered, as they leave the conversation.


  • 2 days
  • 10-25 participants
  • Content based on a combination of research from the fields of psychology, group dynamics and communication.
  • The course is a mix of exercises, practice and theory

Module 3 - SYSTEM

Methods for leading co-creative systems

Co-Creative Leadership Series teaches how to build norms and culture components that can radically improve how we work together in complex, ambiguous and fast environments.

Tools to help co-creation thrive

We expand on leadership topics essential to lead and impact agile, co-creative and complex systems such as collaborative intention, transparency, self-management, problem solving and conflict resolution.

Leverage role-modelling

We build understanding of the leader as a change-agent, how conscious role-modelling can help galvanise a shift in culture, and how we might apply it differently depending on the system we operate in.

Experiment and apply practices

We help you experiment with and adjust how you operate, co-create and collaborate. As you learn, we help you introduce new practices into your workplace and with your partners.


  • 2 days
  • Number of participants depend on client situation
  • Content based on research and praxis from the fields of collaboration, co-creation, agile, lean, group psychology and transformation of systems
  • Participants will be working with their own cases

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